Pjama are patented washable pajama pants and shorts against bedwetting for children and adults.

When wearing Pjama, there is no need to change bed linen in case of bedwetting. Pjama protects sheets, blankets and mattresses. You can simply wash, change Pjama and go to bed again.

Pjama was founded in 2010 in Malmo, southern Sweden. The founders had both experienced and seen the results of bedwetting in their own families. To see their children, with sorrow, refrain from attending school trips and football camps became too much. That's when they came to the solution, a pajamas that could contain liquid.

Up until today Pjama have helped over 10 000 children and adults in over 60 different countries all over the world.

With Pjama you can always feel confident that a simple and discreet solution is available in case of bedwetting. Pjama does not cure bedwetting, however they can help the child to wake up since liquid is retained in the pants. They are an excellent tool and complement to other treatments.