Pjama is easy to take care about!

Read our manuals for best practice.




Yes you can wash your Pjama like any other pyjamas. and yes, it is possible to use a tumble cabinet.


Pjama is a washable, and reusable product that is easy to use. For a long life for the product, please read the following advice:

  • If you have been using the alarm sensor, please remove it before washing.
  • Wash with similiar colours.
  • wash the pants inside out.
  • Wash at a maximum of 60 degrees.
  • Finish the washing program with high centrifugation.
  • Hang dry outside or in room temperature. You can also use a drying cabinet. Note that the temperature must not exceed 60 degrees.

The unique features of the pyjama leads to a longer drying time of the product in comparison to other textile garniments. 

Do not dry clean, use softener or iron the product.







How to dry a pyjama that is made to keep fluid inside?

Pjama contains an absorbant material wich affects the drying time. How long it takes depends on several factors such as how high the humidity is, the temperature of the room and the effect of the centrifugation of the washing mashine.


  • When washing, turn Pjama inside out so that the waterproof membrane does not keep the liquid inside the pants. 
  • Finish the wash cycle with high speed centrifugation.
  • After the centrifugation, Pjama should be dried inside out. If using a drying cabinet, make sure the temperature does not exceed 60 degrees.