Treatment tips and tricks for bedwetters.


We know how damaging bed wetting can be for the whole family. Children that avoid sleep overs, camps and other social activities. Parents the wash sheets and comfoters every day and spend so much time worrying for their child.


You are not alone!

We put together a small guide with some treatment tips and tricks to help your child to get better. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions!

First things first - Get help from a professional to get a proper diagnosis. Sometimes bedwetting is caused by other factors that need to be adressed first.


Reduce the amount of fluid your child drinks 1-2 hours before bedtime.

 - Encourage your child to drink 1-2 extra glasses of water in the morning or at lunchtime.

 - Avoid caffeinated and cabonated drinks like soda.

 - In the evening, only drink to prevent thirst.

 - Try not to drink anything 1-2 hours before sleep.


Change toilet habits.

 - Create a bathroom schedule.

 - Make your child sit on the toilet 5 times a day, and just before bed. Even if they don't have to go. Take help from Pjama App day alarm.


Use Pjama bedwetting alarm.

 - 80% of children using bed wetting alarms get treated within three months.

 - No medicine needed.

 - Success of alarm therapy depends on parents understanding that this is a learning process. Without patience, the frustration can result in quitting. Please, try not to give up.

 - In the beginning, the parents need to wake up with the alarm and wake the child up. Go to the tiolet and try to pee for a couple of minutes.

 - Choose 3-4 months when a simple home routine can be made for the child. Alarm therapy works best when not interrupted. 

 - Involve the child when planning. It is important that all are aware of what needs to be done.

 - Keep a calender to monitor progress. This is available with Pjama app.

 - Never punish your child for having accidents, punishments are counterproductive.


What NOT to do.


Scheduled night waking.

 - This can be helpful in the short term but it's hard to do over time, and it does not always help.


Pelvic floor muscle excercise. 

 - Children who hold their urine on purpose during the day may lead to problems with urgency, daytime wetting and even UTI:s.