We make it possible for children to participate and feel included

The story behind Pjama

When the two founders started the business in 2010, their goal was to make it possible for children who suffer from bedwetting to be able to take part in activities that involved staying overnight. The solution was Pjama Absorbent Pants and Shorts, which were quickly expanded with sizes for adults as well.

The Pjama team was expanded in 2018 and work on developing a new and modern solution for the treatment of bedwetting began. Just in time for the company’s 10th anniversary, a brand new series could be launched with bedwetting alarms and associated smart textiles.

Since then, the company has not only developed first-class bedwetting alarms with smart textiles, but also a complete system to guide the patient through the treatment. This is done through an application (DryGuardians App) on the patient’s phone. The patient records the outcome of each night’s treatment in the app, which is then analyzed and customized feedback is presented to the patient during the treatment. 


A portal has been developed for healthcare to easily follow their patients during treatment. We are proud to offer a complete solution for protecting the bed and treatment of bedwetting.

Our Pjama products are designed with the girls, boys, women and men who suffer from bedwetting in mind. Whether you are looking for a protective product for the bed or if you want to treat and get rid of your bedwetting, high-quality products and services from Pjama are here.

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